You probably assume that building a house is complicated. But you may be surprised to discover that demolishing a home is complex as well. This will be evident once you research how to get your place pulled down. Here are some important considerations. 


You need a permit from your local council to demolish a house. The demolition company you hire can help with the application at an additional cost. The permit itself will cost roughly a few hundred dollars. Your local council can advise on the exact cost.

Materials and Structure

The materials of the building you want to be demolished are important and will affect how tricky the process is. Some structures are easier to pull down. For example, a weatherboard house with a timber frame is often easier than a brick and concrete house. Brick and concrete will need more machinery and take more effort to destroy. The contractors might need a wrecking ball, for example. Heavy and bulky materials are also difficult to manage and transport after they've been pulled apart.

Sometimes a house isn't the only structure that you need to get rid of. Does the property have pavement on the driveway or patio that needs to go? These areas could consist of a concrete slab or pavers, each of which has different removal methods.

Hazardous Materials

Your house might need an inspection before the demolition can begin to check if it contains hazardous materials such as asbestos. Specialised contractors are hired to do this, as they have been trained on how to deal with this substance while following strict government protocols.

Salvageable Materials

Some materials from your house are probably salvageable, which is helpful as it means less rubble will end up in a landfill. If a roof frame uses hardwood timber, for example, the contractors could sell it as repurposed wood. Timber can also be crushed and used in wood products like MDF and particle board. Metal can be recycled, and concrete can often be crushed and reused for construction sites. These salvageable materials will bring in revenue, which will bring down the total cost of the demolition.

Location and Accessibility

The location of your property is important to the demolition company. They will bring heavy equipment and machinery to your address, which will be more costly if they have to travel a long distance. To minimise costs, you could look for a nearby company. It will also help if recycling plants and a landfill are relatively close to your address, as the job will be quicker. You should double-check that your quote includes them disposing of the materials.

Another factor to think about is how accessible your land is. Will home demolition services find it easy to manoeuvre their equipment around the site? If your property is steep or narrow, then the demolition will be more complex. Sometimes a tree will need to be pulled down, and this will require a permit.

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