While roofs exist to cover a home, the walls contain windows that allow light and fresh air to flow inside. Now, though, many people are inserting skylight windows on their flat or sloping ceilings. Consider the following ways you'll benefit from installing one in your home.

Use Artificial Lighting Less

Opening upwards, skylights take in direct daylight, unlike vertical windows that usually capture reflected light from nearby objects like fences, trees and the ground. Thus, skylights are vastly more efficient light-catchers than regular windows. They boost brightness so you can switch artificial lights off during the day — after all, it's a waste of electricity when it's bright outside. If you work in a home office, position the opening above your desk to bathe it in illumination so that you're not squinting at the words and pictures on a computer screen or book.

Cool Your Home Naturally

Another way skylight windows make your home more comfortable is by providing ventilation. Because warm air spontaneously streams upwards, it gravitates towards ceilings. If you stand on a chair, particularly in a heated room, you can often notice how hot the atmosphere feels. An open ventilated skylight allows this warm air to exit. To set up a breezy circular current through your home, open a vertical window that lets in the air that will waft upwards and out the skylight. As a result of using such natural airflow tendencies, you'll be able to reduce your use of cooling, as well as artificial lighting, which will trim your energy bills further.

Eliminate Mouldy Bathrooms

Bathrooms are typically muggy and moist places, and this can pay a toll on the decor. Such atmospheres set up the perfect habitat for mould and mildew, particularly on the ceiling and around the shower, ruining your beautiful design. Even after the steam of a shower has dissipated, bathrooms can remain humid and misty. It would be a waste of electricity, though, to leave the fan on constantly. 

A skylight window will help to neutralise this environment by allowing fresh, pure breezes into the room and filling it with daylight. It will preserve your privacy at the same time. By wiping out the damp and dark conditions, you won't have to waste time with extra scrubbing, and you'll lessen the need for noxious mould-killing chemicals in the home. Thus, you'll improve your home's air quality by reducing mould and harsh chemicals.

For more information on skylight windows, reach out to a local contractor or window company.