Sometimes the value of the land underneath is far greater than the value of any structure. This is especially the case when the plot in question is in the middle of a city and when the building had fallen into disrepair. You may be faced with this scenario currently and want to get rid of that relic so that you can proceed with development. However, this is quite a complicated process, especially due to a hidden danger. How can you locate and subsequently remove any asbestos?

Asbestos Presence Is Likely

With an older building like this and a structure that has not been renovated in recent times, asbestos is a very real possibility. As you may know, it was used widely within the construction industry until scientists discovered its true danger, and since then, a do-not-disturb policy has been common.

Studies and Surveys

Of course, you cannot remove the property without disturbing the asbestos, and the first job is to determine the extent of the issue. Some asbestos-containing components are easy to access, and engineers may find them during a standard survey. However, they may need to conduct a far more invasive survey to reveal all of the asbestos-containing materials, and they may have to remove or destroy other parts of the structure to do so.

Removal Technique

This type of work will need to be done under supervision, and you should bring in asbestos material removal contractors to do it. In fact, you may not get permission to demolish the building at all until you can satisfy government regulators that there is no risk. All parts of the structure that contain asbestos will need to be dismantled and possibly removed to an accredited facility. The technicians may need to use a special type of vacuum to gather smaller particles or may need to erect a structure to make sure that work is contained. This will ensure that there is no danger that particles can escape into the local environment.

Proper Preparation

Demolition is a tough task at the best of times, especially if other properties are in close proximity to yours. It is even more important, therefore, to ensure that you prepare adequately and only work with contractors who are very knowledgeable in this area. Once they have finished their work, however, you will be able to bring in all the other contractors and proceed at your desired pace.