Everyone wishes to get a stunning and functional kitchen. But not most people can afford an expensive remodel. You can get a beautiful kitchen renovation without busting your budget. The good thing about remodelling your kitchen is that it returns about 80% to 100% of the cost used when reselling your home. 

Here is how you can get do a custom kitchen renovation project on a budget.

Follow the Right Order

Failing to follow the right order may lead to wasting time and money. Moreover, that may limit the options you have. The first thing to handle in your remodel is the flooring. You should start from the floor to the cabinets and countertops. You can then follow up with the moulding and painting. 

Things do not come out as well when you skip certain steps. Sometimes you will need to redo certain aspects. Thus, you end up spending more time and cash on your remodelling project.  

Reface the Existing Cabinets

The simplest way you can give your kitchen a dramatic yet cheap remodel is by redoing your cabinets. Check your cabinets to confirm if they are still functional. Starting off the project can be a bit tedious. However, your kitchen will get a refreshing look after a few days. You can leave the work to the experts, or you can handle the project by yourself. If you choose to DIY, research the proper way to do it.

Choose Open Shelves

In some instances, the cabinets may be too damaged to reface them. Open shelves are an ideal option when replacing the cabinets. Such shelves reduce the cost of upper cabinetry. You will only need to pay for the wood used in making the shelf and the bracket holding it up. That is cheaper than purchasing a whole cabinet box. 

Avoid Changing the Layout

Prices hike up when you move walls, electrical and plumbing. The only time you should change the layout is when it enhances the functionality of the kitchen. For instance, you can move your corner kitchen sink if it will lead to a better flow in the kitchen. Sometimes, finding an alternative solution can offer the same benefits with reduced costs.


Kitchen renovations do not have to be costly. Following the guidelines above can help you reduce the price of improvements. A little creativity can take you a long way. Working with experts can also help you find budget-friendly ways of improving the look of your kitchen.