Septic tanks offer great convenience. Most people often fail to realise this when the septic tank system is in good working condition. While there is no problem with taking this convenience for granted, there is a serious problem if you choose to ignore the basics of proper maintenance required for residential septic tanks, such as pumping out the tank regularly.

Here are three things about the septic tank pump-out that you should know.

Health Hazards Associated with Overflows

A full septic tank in your backyard poses several health risks to you and your children. This is because the septic tank could easily overflow, thereby spewing its contents around the residential premises. Due to the nature of waste carried inside residential septic tanks, septic tanks provide a conducive environment for various types of bacteria to thrive in.

A few examples of the diseases that you can get from exposure to septic tank overflows include dysentery and typhoid fever. Both these diseases occur from exposure to contaminated water and/or food. Such contamination can easily happen when you delay having your septic tank pumped out.

Signs That It's Time to Pump Out

It is never difficult to tell when your septic tank is almost full. You only need to be a keen observer. The most common sign that it's time to pump out the septic tank is the presence of an unpleasant odour around the tank area. This distinct odour is often likened to the smell of rotten eggs, and it gets stronger as you move closer to the tank area.

Slowed drainage is also a common sign that your septic tank is almost full. In this case, you will notice that water does not run down your toilet or sink as quickly and as easily as it used to. This occurrence, coupled with the odour, is an indication that the problem lies with your septic tank rather than with drainage pipes.

Frequency of Septic Tank Pump-Out

How often your septic tank needs to be pumped out depends entirely on two variables: the size of the tank and the number of people who use it. There is no predetermined frequency for septic tank clean-out. Therefore, you should not hesitate to have the tank pumped out under the pretext that it's not yet time to do so.

The right time to pump out a septic tank is as soon as it becomes necessary to do so. Contact a septic tank pump-out service today to get started.