When most people inherit a house, their first instinct is to replace old fixtures such as windows. In most cases, this is driven by the desire to sell off the property fast. However, while you may have good intentions for doing so, sometimes it pays to be a little bit patient. It is especially the case if you consider that original windows are a great asset due to their superior value when compared to modern windows. Read on for solid reasons why you should repair antique windows rather than replacing them.

They Are Resilient — If you look at the type of lumber that was used in construction several decades ago, you will realize the wood was solid. Notably, the old-growth lumber exhibited resilience that made the windows last a long time. It might explain why most windows in ageing homes remain intact even after all the glass panes break away. For such windows, it is better to carry out repairs rather than replace them, especially if you want the structure to last several more years. Although modern windows are also designed to last a long time, the lumber used might not measure up to the old-growth lumber. 

They Are Easy to Maintain — One advantage of antique windows is that they might not be complex as design goes. Therefore, it makes maintenance an easy task, and all that is expected from you is the occasional dusting. If you want to spend as little time and effort as possible in taking care of your windows, you should only consider repairing them. However, if you replace the windows with modern ones that have intricate designs, maintenance will take a bit of your time. For instance, sliding windows have to be dusted and cleaned thoroughly to eliminate dust and particles from the sliding tracks that affect the sliding mechanism. Since antique windows mostly feature simple designs, the windows do not need a lot in terms of maintenance. Therefore, repairing the old windows on your inherited property will translate into less effort in maintenance. 

They Are Upgradeable — Did you know that you could upgrade antique windows to achieve some of the benefits modern windows offer? It stems from the fact that old windows are upgradeable. For instance, if your windows are drafty, it is easy to weather-strip them and install storm windows both on the inside and on the outside. The upgrade will significantly increase the efficiency of the windows. Therefore, repairing and upgrading old windows not only saves you money, but it also preserves the functionality of the antique windows.

For more information about repairing windows, reach out to companies that work on windows.