Mining engineering is responsible for ensuring that underground resources like minerals, oils, metals and gas have safely and efficiently been extracted. The engineers assess the feasibility and commercial benefit potential of new sites, which ascertain extraction risks. On the other hand, mining has a lot of economic benefits to a country, especially when it comes to the economy. Aside from that, mining has an impact on the government and people. A lot of people have questioned why mining is significant to everyday life because not all countries feel the benefit.

The Ecological Impact of Mining

Everyone knows that mining causes damage to the land because micro-ecologies are disrupted. Some techniques in mining could disrupt the water's natural flow and cause pollution to the streams. Aside from that, lakes get sedimentary runoff.

Mining engineering involves the use of modern technologies to offset the damages by rebuilding the local ecologies and environments. However, no one is aware of what the long-term effect will be when the mining pits and valleys are filled with unused stones and sediments.

Benefits of Mining to the Economy

Aside from mining engineering being put to good use, mining provides a good livelihood to the local communities. They can generate income that the local government can use, which is a direct contribution to the economy. There is an efficient use of energy, which allows people to save money, and environmental awareness is given importance. There are rehabilitation programs that can arise, giving importance to the use of renewable sources.

Mining Contributes to Technological Civilisation

Mining may not be the only reason why civilisation has grown, but it is one of the reasons why civilisation can become large. Miners learn how they can extract and use natural materials that the Earth produces and shapes the environment so people can live longer, enjoy life and even raise families.

If mining was to cease today, civilisation might slowly decline, even if it will not collapse right away. When this happens, new technologies have to be created to produce materials that are needed to support future growth. Environmentalists are hoping that there will come a time when people can have the means to produce strong materials without having to dig holes. Actually, some mountains have been deeply reduced because of extensive mining over time.

Mining still remains to be an important function that impacts modern civilisation, and it will definitely continue to provide a lot of benefits for a long time.