Are you thinking of having a perfect lawn where you spend time with your family on a relaxed afternoon? If so, Palmetto buffalo grass is the ideal turf for your lawn needs. With Palmetto buffalo turf, you only mow it less frequently, fertilise it yearly, spend less water on irrigation and, importantly, have a beautiful and natural lawn year-round. To top on that, its leaves have a soft texture, making it perfect for picnics and for young children to play around. These are just some of the few reasons why Palmetto buffalo should be your go-to turf. Below are five desirable qualities of Palmetto buffalo grass that make it the ideal turf your landscaping needs.

1. Natural Bright Colour

As compared to other species of buffalo grass, Palmetto buffalo grass has a natural and brighter green colour. This makes it outstanding and attractive to look at. Whether in your front or backyard, Palmetto buffalo grass will make your lawn the ideal lawn in the neighbourhood.

2. Does Well in Shaded Areas

Do you have a lawn with parts of it shaded with trees and other structures? If so, you shouldn't worry about your grass drying out due to limited exposure to sunlight. Most species of grasses don't do very well in extreme conditions. However, Palmetto buffalo grass does well under direct sunlight and in shaded areas. Therefore, you shouldn't worry that some parts of your lawn will be deeply colored while others will be fading away.

3. Human-Friendly

Why have a lawn that some of your family members and friends can't enjoy it? This isn't the case with Palmetto buffalo grass turfs. Palmetto buffalo doesn't have thorny leaves, so it acts like a natural carpet outside your house. Its softness makes it perfect for lying around and for children to play on it. Also, this type of grass is perfect for people with allergies because it has less pollen and seeds that cause allergic reactions. Therefore, you can enjoy the grass with all your children and pets without worrying about a medical emergency.

4. Low Maintenance

Due to its slow upward growing rate and least amount of thatch build-up, Palmetto buffalo doesn't need regular mowing to keep it level and kept. Also, its ability to survive in extreme conditions means that you don't have to water it frequently for it to remain healthy year-round. This helps you reduce the costs and time spent in maintaining your lawn, making it perfect for people with busy schedules.

5. Great Wear Recovery

If you are planning to have different activities taking place in your lawn periodically, then you need to have Palmetto buffalo grass on it. Palmetto buffalo grass recovers easily from wear due to its good growing ability. Therefore, after a busy barbeque afternoon with children playing on your lawn, you won't have to worry at the rate at which your grass will grow back to its original size.

Other than the above-mentioned features, Palmetto buffalo grass is highly tolerant of pest, weeds and diseases. With Palmetto buffalo grass, your lawn will not only look attractive and healthy when you're at home but even when you're not there take care of it. Therefore, consider Palmetto buffalo grass as the ideal turf for your landscaping needs.