Fire doors contribute to keeping people safe inside a building. They should be located in the accessible areas of your home or workplace. If you are a building owner, you need to prioritise the safety of your tenants or employees. This means installing fire doors. It is important to note that these kinds of doors are not constructed the same, so here is what you need to consider to be able to make the right choice:

Fire Integrity

Fire doors are supposed to make you feel secure, which is why you need to choose one that has been tested. Fire integrity is an important consideration in selecting a fire door because it will tell you how long it can protect you from the fire. Look for a product that has been tested and approved to make sure it complies with the regulations. Your choice will depend on the building's nature and fire door location.


This pertains to the amount of material that you are allowed to trim off the fire door sides, especially when you want to install a new door to an already existing fire-resistant frame. There is no set standard amount of what can be trimmed; however, the manufacturer of the fire door should have provided some helpful information on the measurements you need to take. If too much material is trimmed, the door could lose its integrity because the materials would be compromised.

Fire Door Fittings

There are various places that necessitate a fire door installation. For instance, a doorway that leads to the loft conversion will require one. The doorway that connects the internal garage and the main house also need to have a fire door so that fire will not spread between them. Fire door installation is an assembly project, and every part should be correct so it can be effective.

Design and Appearance

The design and appearance of a fire door are important. When you talk to a manufacturer, you will be informed of the available options there are. If, for example, you choose a glass design, the building will have a contemporary touch to it. The framework can be coated with polyester to match the aesthetics of the building without compromising anything.

By considering these things, you can choose a fire door that is right for your building. Normally, the contractor will tell you which options are available so you can take your pick.