Shipping container homes are an increasingly popular option for Australians planning to build their own home. This is largely because construction using shipping containers is both faster and more economical than traditional construction. It's also more sustainable and uses recycled materials, which is another important aspect of building a home for many people.

Shipping container house construction varies from small dwellings using only one or two containers through to large homes that use a large number of containers. Even if you're planning to complete a big portion of the work yourself, here are two professionals that you'll need to enlist the services of in order to complete your shipping container home.

1. A structural engineer

Shipping containers are, by their very nature, incredibly strong components to build a home from. When being used for their original purpose, shipping containers are stacked on top of each other on cargo ships and are built to weather gruelling conditions at sea. However, when they're being used to construct a home, it's vital to know that your home will be structurally sound and safe to live in.

A structural engineer will work with you during the planning process of your shipping container home to ensure that the way you configure your containers will be strong and safe. This is particularly important if you're using multiple containers, if you plan to cantilever the upper containers or if you're removing portions of the steel walls. They will also work with you throughout the construction period and inspect the structure upon completion.

2. A welder

Shipping container construction requires the services of far fewer specialist contractors than traditional home construction. While plumbers and electricians will be required to legally connect your shipping container to services, other contractors, such as carpenters and concreters, won't be needed. However, you will require a substantial amount of help from a welder.

Welding is the process of using extreme heat to melt metal and fuse it seamlessly to another metal item. When constructing a shipping container home, you'll need a welder to join each shipping to those adjoining it and to create a water-tight and secure seal.

Welders will also be responsible for adding extra steel support into parts of containers that have had some or all of the steel wall removed to accommodate doors, windows and staircases. They can also weld metal door and window frames to the steel walls ready for the installation of these features.