As a homeowner, one of the key upgrades you may look at is with your landscaping. An area that can sometimes be overlooked is with the curb appeal of your irrigation and drainage options. An option that is appealing to many homeowners is to use well placed trench grates on driveways and in other areas of the property. If this sounds like something you would like to do, consider the three things you should know about trench grates for your landscaping plans.

Design Options

When you think about a trench grate, you may have the idea of an industrial iron grate come to mind. Though these are the most popular option with trench grates, there are other designs available to you. Decorative trench grates are available to blend with your current landscape. For example, if you have a cobblestone cement design, you can find trench grates that fit with the cobblestone pattern. You can also find grates that have a asphalt look or decorative vintage iron look to them. In many cases, regardless of your landscape design plans, you will be able to find a trench that fits with those plans easily.

Grate Placement

You may think that trench grates can only be placed on driveways as part of the irrigation system. The truth is, you can have smaller grates placed in irrigation trenches all along the property. For example, you may have guttering that has a run off into your yard. Rather than have the run off go straight into the ground causing erosion issues, you can build a small trench and have the trench grate placed at the end of the guttering run off and into the trench area. This gives a decorative finished look while still giving you the reduced erosion benefits.

Size Availability

You may be concerned that the trench grates only come in one size and would not be available for areas where there needs to be a thinner or shorter grate. For example, you may want to have trench grates along the patio area on the front or back of your property where rain off can erode the area. The truth is, most ironworks manufacturers that deal in trench grates can cut the grate to any size or shape you need. This means you can use grates on your patio areas as well as on your driveway.

By keeping these three key points in mind about trench grates for your landscaping plans, you can make a better choice about which grates you would like. When you are ready to move forward with your plans, contact your local trench grate company or your local landscape service provider.