Several contractors are usually involved in the construction of new houses. There's the general contractor that oversees the execution of the entire project, and then there are sub-contractors that comprise multiple companies each hired to perform a specific construction job. Virtually every residential building needs plumbing installations so as to connect the property with utilities, such as clean water and natural gas, and also to allow wastewater to exit the property. Therefore, a plumber is one of those construction professionals that often has to be sub-contracted during the construction of homes. 

If you intend to build a home from the ground-up, you should bear in mind that correct plumbing installation is critical to ensuring that you get efficient service from your residential plumbing system throughout its lifespan. 

Let's take a look at what a professional plumber can do for you in this regard. 

They provide advice on the plumbing products available.

Selecting suitable plumbing products for a house construction project can be rather difficult for any layman, as there are plenty of products available in the construction market to choose from. Not all piping available for supplying clean water within a house are created equal, for example. Copper piping has been the traditional choice for household water supply installations but these days, there are newer options like PVC piping.

Depending on your specific plumbing requirements, a professional plumber can help you choose the best piping material. If you want the most durable and reliable pipe plumbing for your clean water supply, copper would be the ideal material for your project. But if you are working in a tight budget, you might find PVC piping to be a budget-friendly alternative. 

They help minimise costly installation mistakes.

There are lots of things that can go wrong when plumbing components and systems are being installed. Individuals that decide to undertake DIY projects that are beyond their knowledge and skill level can make errors that may prove costly to fix down the line. Enlisting the services of a plumbing expert can help minimise mistakes and maximise results. The specialist will also be able to detect potential issues before they exacerbate. If not detected early, spot leaking can lead to loss of countless gallons of water every year, resulting in high water bills, for instance. Therefore, you stand a better chance at problem-free plumbing by hiring a professional to perform the installation work on your new building.

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