Christmas is an excellent time to decorate the home, but many homeowners don't do anything about the biggest decorating space on the exterior of their house. This area is the garage door, and while decorating choices are a little limited since it is a moving part, there are still a number of opportunities for making it look festive. As a new homeowner who needs decorating tips for your home's exterior, use these ideas to contribute to making your garage door look Christmassy this holiday season.

Steel Door Magnets

If you have a metal garage door, magnets are one of the easiest ways to put holiday spirit onto it. When looking at the different magnetic choices are your local hardware or Christmas decoration store, make sure you choose magnets which are thin in depth. As the garage door moves up and down its track, thick magnets get pushed off when they meet the top of the door opening. Pull out your ladder, and measure the size of the gap between the door opening and the garage door. This width is the maximum depth your door magnets can be.

There are two types of magnets you can use to decorate your garage door. Firstly, you can buy magnets shaped like Christmas trees, reindeer, or jolly old Santa. A bunch of these can be placed anywhere you like on the door to form a picture. Alternatively, choose large letter magnets to spell out holiday greetings such as 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy New Year'. The biggest bonus of using magnetic holiday decor is it can be installed and dismantled in minutes. No drilling, no mess and no fuss.

Adhesive Clings

Sticky clings are another way to add colour and festive spirit to your garage door. These clings can be purchased online, at your hardware store or holiday decoration shop. You can buy clings as small or as big as you like. There are even decorative clings that cover the whole garage door if you want to make the whole thing into a big, festive mural. If you choose to do a full door cover, consider getting help to make sure it goes on smooth and wrinkle-free.

You can purchase clings in all types of Chrismas scenes including nativity, Santa Claus on his sleigh or just a decorated tree. However, there are two things to remember before attaching clings to your garage door.

Firstly, the door needs to be clean for the cling to stick to it effectively. If you have not washed your garage door in a while, you must spray away all the dirt and debris on it first. Secondly, check consumer reviews about clings you like. You don't want to buy a cling that takes off your garage door paint when you remove it in January. There is a difference between clings and adhesive stickers, so be sure you purchase the right product.

Coloured Lights

Stringing colour lights around the garage door is another way to add colour to the front of your home. Naturally, you can't attach them to the door since it is a moving part, but you can place them around the outside of the door opening.

Make sure lights are safely attached to the garage exterior by using Christmas light clips. Staple guns are also a fast method of installation, but they don't suit all house exteriors. Brick, for example, is not a staple-friendly exterior for hanging up lights. Additionally, since the Christmas lights are going to be up for 4-6 weeks, staples can rust while they are exposed to air moisture during this length of time. Light clips, by comparison, are made of plastic, so there is no rust issue.

These three tips turn an everyday garage door from dull to delightful during the Christmas break. Make a choice to turn your door pretty and bright during this holiday period rather than leaving the blank canvas unadorned compared to the rest of your home. Contact a company like Best Doors for more on garage doors.