If your dog repeatedly ruins your flower garden and digs up your landscaping, you may want to work on a bit of training. However, you may also want to make your landscaping dog friendly. Distract your dog from destruction with these fun landscaping diversions:

1. Water fountain or splash garden

Having something fun to do helps distract your dog from areas where he isn't supposed to be, and dogs love to play in water, making water features a perfect addition. If you have space, you might want to put in a pond for puppy paddling. However, if your yard isn't large enough for a pond, give your dog a fountain or splash garden to play in.

The water feature could include a fresh water spout that fills a small cavity in some rocks and acts as a constantly full water bowl for your pup. Alternatively, you could put in a cobblestone path with water jets along the side of it for your dog to run through when he wants to have fun or needs to be cool.

2. Cool napping spot

Especially in the summer, dogs crave coolness, and in fact, one of the reasons dogs dig holes is to get to the cool dirt below the surface. You can stop this aspect of hole digging by creating a cool napping spot for your dog.

If your dog likes to nap on concrete, make sure that you have a shady spot available for him on the patio. If your dog prefers a soft bed, build, commission or buy a dog house that matches your fencing, lawn furniture or other elements of your landscaping. Then, place a soft dog bed inside, and let your dog seek respite from the heat there.

3. Digging zone

Escaping from the heat is not the only reason that dogs dig. In some cases, dogs dig simply because it's in their genes or they just really like it. Give your dog an outlet for this passion in your landscaping by creating a digging zone.

Ideally, the digging zone should be sectioned from the rest of the yard with a frame. For example, imagine a kids plastic sandbox with the base removed, the frame of a raised garden bed, or a rectangle made with medium-size rocks. Choose a border that complements your landscaping.

Then, fill the inside of the digging zone with sand or dirt. Ideally, your dog should be able to dig as deeply as he wants, and you can just rake over the holes as needed. To entice your dog into this area, bury a few toys or bones in it.

4. Durable running paths

Digging isn't the only way that dogs destroy landscaping. In many cases, they destroy it by running over the same area repeatedly. If this is happening in your yard, you can modify your landscaping to include a dog run, or you can add durable paths to the areas next to your fence.

The paths can be paving stones, soft mulch or even fake grass. With these in place, your dog can circle the yard to his heart's content without causing damage.

5. Fun fence windows

In addition, if you have a privacy fence and your dog barks a lot at it, he may be curious or confused about what's on the other side. In many cases, barking is accompanied by frantic running or trying to dig under the fence.

If this is happening, consider adding small windows to the fence. You can add plastic enclosed bubbles or actual reclaimed old windows to a wooden fence. Both options add a fun decorative effect to your yard, and they give your dog a view of the neighborhood. That can also help distract him from wrecking your landscaping.

Contact a local landscaping company, such as National Trade & Services, for more tips.