Is it your dream to build your very own home from scratch? How about something a little out of the ordinary that doesn't look like every other house in the neighbourhood? If you have bought your own plot of land, this option is open to you. There are so many ways that a new home can be built that it's difficult to know where to start, but if you want to consider a unique material, how about bamboo? Here are some of the considerations associated with building a bamboo house.

A green choice. If sustainable living is something important to you, bamboo is a fantastic choice. Because bamboo is actually a variety of grass and not wood, it grows with much greater speed than softwoods or hardwoods. This means that the bamboo that is cut down for your house construction isn't going to ravage too much destruction on the ecosystem because it will be grown again very quickly. Bamboo also absorbs carbon and can therefore contribute to stabilising the earth's atmosphere.

It will need to be treated. There are a couple of major drawbacks to using bamboo for construction. First of all, it's a moist material, and this means that it can promote mould and fungus growth – potentially dangerous things for humans. The starch content in bamboo will also attract insects, which could cause damage to the material. Fortunately, bamboo used for building can be pre-treated with borax, which is a natural insect repellent and preservative that is totally safe for humans to be exposed to.

You'll need specialist builders. Of course, your home will only be as good as the quality of the build. Because bamboo is not such a common material to construct homes with, you will need to lean on the talents of specialist new home builders to complete the job for you, and this specialist work will end up costing more than regular builders.

You'll make a big statement. One of the major benefits of constructing a bamboo house from scratch is that you'll have something that is aesthetically unique. You can construct your own tropical den that will look as though it should belong on the coast of Bali as opposed suburban Melbourne or Sydney. Bamboo reeds are constructed to cross each other in a triangular fashion, which also provides bamboo houses with a unique shape and one that is also very supportive. 

For more information about this and other material options for building your house, contact a new homes builder in your area.