Don't allow the rising costs of energy to prevent you from getting the utmost enjoyment from your pool.  Find out how to use the latest in energy efficient products and pool equipment to maximise your savings and enjoy your pool to the fullest.

There are a number of smart ways you can cut down the typical 2,000kWh to 3,000kWh of electricity per year that your pool consumes. Following these simple strategies will make a huge difference your energy consumption and lower your costs.

Use the Energy When It's Cheapest

Surprisingly, many people are unaware of the substantial savings to be made by using energy when it's available at the cheapest tariff.

First and foremost, you need to be fully aware of your energy provider's policies and incentives. The majority of companies offer encouragement for using electricity in off peak and shoulder periods.

Get familiar with what are deemed to be the shoulder and off-peak days and times to ensure that you make the most of the savings offered. This will not only cut the costs of pool requirements but means savings for your other household appliances as well.

Make an Investment in Efficiency

The pool pump is the largest energy consumer. You can greatly improve the performance of the pump by making some of these changes:

  • Install the smallest pump recommended for your pool

  • Install a larger filter

  • Increase the pipe diameters or use shorter length pipes

  • Install pipes with a smaller degree of elbow bend

  • Install a pump with a lower horsepower to use less energy - but keep in mind that it will need to run for longer

A pool specialist company will be able to help you quickly identify the exact pump requirements that will suit your pool size and type.

Use the Latest Technology

Ideally, you should take advantage of the latest technology in pool equipment and install a pump with an automatic controller on a multi speed motor.

This provides for the efficient operation of numerous tasks including the automatic operation of pool vacuuming, sweeping and controlling water turnover.

The controller can be preset to its lowest speed and will carry out the daily filtration cycles to take full advantage of the cheapest off-peak energy consumption tariffs.

Cover Your Pool

Investing in a pool cover from a place like Pooltime is a great way to significantly improve your pool's efficiency. It will help maintain warmth and provide important protection. Additionally, the benefits of a well-fitting pool cover will:

  • Substantially reduce evaporation and water loss

  • Prevent dirt insects and debris from entering the pool and help maintain cleanliness.

The cover has the overall effect of reducing the load on your pool's cleaning system. It also helps lower the costs of chemicals, as less chlorine will be lost to the UV rays of the sun.

Maintain at Peak Efficiency

Of course, careful and regular maintenance will help your pool run with maximum efficiency.

  • Keep a close watch on the intake grates. If they become clogged with debris, the pump needs to work a lot harder and use more energy.

  • Backwash the filters regularly or experiment with models to find a filter that requires less upkeep.

It is usually more effective to run the filtration system for short periods, two or three times daily, rather than have it operating for one long session.

Unquestionably, the advice of the experts is really essential when it comes to selecting the best pool equipment. Choosing the correct pump size and filtration equipment can be rather a daunting task. The expertise of a specialist pool contractor can help you select the latest technology and will help your pool operate with utmost efficiency. This in turn ensures that you will be making every possible saving on your energy costs.