As the owner of a dog who loves to dig, you already know the frustration of watching your pup return inside with dirty paws after yet another hole has been made in your back lawn. The problem is that constant digging disrupts the root growth of your lawn, leaving it patchy and looking ugly. If you are looking to improve the overall look of your lawn without evicting your canine family members, artificial grass is a product that you may not have previously considered. However, these three reasons will be enough to convince you that artificial turf is worthy of closer inspection.

Paw Pad Health

As your dogs move through their adult years, their paws will become dry and cracked due to constantly coming into contact with harsh surfaces. If their paws aren't regularly inspected, some cracks can expand to the point that nerve endings are exposed and it now hurts your canine buddy to put weight down on its paws. Not only is it distressing to see a family pet in pain, but it also means a trip to the vet is needed to have their paws seen to.

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibres such as nylon and polypropylene. Each individual fibre looks like a blade of grass and it is attached to a mesh base that has holes in it to allow water to drain through to the soil beneath. This means that your dog's paws will get the same soft care as if they were walking on natural grass. Artificial grass is manufactured to be pet-friendly to all parts of the animal, so you do not need to be concerned when your pet is walking and toileting on a man-made product.

Easy Clean Up

Speaking of toileting, how many times have you headed outside to do poo patrol and accidentally stepped in dog poop because it was hiding in your overgrown lawn that you haven't had time to mow? That no longer is a problem when you install artificial grass in your back garden.

When it's time to clean up after your dog's toileting habits on artificial grass, it's now a much easier story. Artificial grass does not grow, so finding the objects that you seek is going to be a very quick process. Simply scoop the poop and then give the grass a quick hose down to wash away all traces of urine. The fact that artificial grass does not stain easily means that once it is clean, the water drains straight down to the dirt and it looks like new. This chore is now complete and you can head back inside to more pleasant activities.

Artificial Grass Is Tough

Artificial grass has an expected lifespan of at least 15 years, which means it is definitely built to last. Considering some parts of Australia already have issues with keeping a lawn looking lush and green due to hot climate conditions, artificial grass is the answer to destruction problems caused by both pets and the environment.

The reason why this grass is so tough is because of the synthetic fibres that are used to make the blades. Polypropylene, for example, is flexible enough that it can be brushed back into place after sustaining a lot of foot traffic, but it is strong enough to withstand any attempts by your pup to dig through it.

When you want a lawn that is going to look lovely year round and survive the beating from the paws of your pets, artificial grass is the answer to your back lawn woes. And the final benefit? A lot less lawn maintenance for you, once it has been installed, means that instead of mowing the lawn like your neighbour is doing, you can be putting your feet up inside and enjoying air-conditioned comfort instead.